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I was listening to a podcast by Timothy Shriver who runs the special olympics, started by his mother, Eunice Kennedy-Shriver.   Raised in a household that valued winning, competition and "success" he was driven to be goal oriented, as most of us are. Failure is not just what we have done but somehow becomes us, and that is the fear.   He told the story of a field of runners took off from the start line of the Special Olympics. The one in the lead was closing in on winning the race when another runner fell. The runner in the lead turned around and went back to help his fallen competitor. They crossed the finish line together, last. What is failure? What is winning? What is the difference? Perhaps the story we tell about it? Do we take time to consider the stories surrounding winning and losing or the upset we create in our bodies by believing them?   Do we investigate the upset? All emotions have an organ correspondence in Chinese Medicine. Fear, anger, sadness, worry, grief all cost us something...may it be physical, mental or spiritual there is a price. What would it be worth to learn how to free ourselves from the stories, the fear of the judgement of others? What would we gain? Joy, peace, community? Maybe we start with unraveling the fear of failure since it doesn't actually exist. The runner in the lead won something huge that day as he turned around to help his wasn't the gold medal. 50 years later his act is still astonishing and to me, heartbreakingly kind...if that isn't a win, I don't know what is.

Fail often and fail greatly...

"Those who dare to fail miserably can achieve greatly" John F. Kennedy



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