Our Pricing


*New* SAAT Allergy Treatment $250.00 first needle. Additional needles $50.00

*New* Soak n Poke $50.00

Adult New Patient Consultation $175.00

All Children's appointments are $60.00

Discounts for weekly treatment and family treatments: Contact Chrystina for details.

Herbal Appointment $70.00

Acupuncture Appointment $90.00

Facial Rejuvenation appointment $150.00



Additional services: Cupping, Gua Sha, Moxabustion and Wellness coaching, are included with the cost of an Acupuncture appointment.

Herbal formulas: are compounded with raw herbs and are an additional cost based on your unique custom made formula.

Personal Care products: Chinese Medical formulas for Colds, Headaches/ Migraine powder, lineaments for trauma, hair growth, ligament damage, foot and body soaks are sold in office. 

Special services:

Acupuncture Happy Hour $25.00 per person, 4 person minimum - 12 person maximum.

In-home Acupuncture treatment $250.00 within a 20 mile range.

We will bring healing to you.

We are available for Corporate events: please contact Chrystina for group/team treatments, speaking engagements and custom events.

Discount for individuals in public service

Medicine is whatever helps you heal.       Dianne Connelly


Chrystina Gilgeous, MS, M.Ac, L.Ac

        2720 Sisson St, Suite A

Baltimore, MD 21211



I Chrystina, Promise that in my presence life will show as Fierce and Loving, Powerful Protection.